This is the story of Tatiana Suarez

bolsos exclusivos para mujer

My story.

A love born out of my passion for art and handbags. I started painting on leather with the sole intention of expressing every feeling, every vibration that emanated from my mind and I dedicated myself to giving these pieces to anyone who identified with these feelings and felt the same way as me. And that is how it was, every handbag, purse or belt that I painted became a unique and exclusive piece, as no two ever turned out the same. The reception was incredible and the orders flooded in, demand increased and the product had to grow and mature with me. This meant that I had to change my designs in a way I had not expected. Now, 6 years later, each bag still has a story to tell because, as a result of my past inspirations, now, everything that I create comes from the highest expression of fashion, in order to give a beautiful, unique and exclusive product.

After a long journey from America, I landed in Europe. It has always been a destination that has inspired me, I used to dream about what it would be like there and how people would see my product because of its highly defined subtlety and artistry. I was not wrong, because on my first trip I understood that everything there is about art, design and valuing the "handmade", as well as its story that pervades everything, like an incredible open-air museum, which I will never get tired of admiring. I met very warm and professional people in Spain, who I greatly admire and appreciate.

This is why I decided to collaborate with Virginia Gleslo on my Exclusive Online store, as working with her will give our designs a fusion between our two cultures, the European and the Hispanic American. So, this is how we come to offer our customers an online store exclusively dedicated to our products that will show the quality, aesthetics and designs of the latest trends across the European continent.

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